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  • Salute

The salute that we make in Kajukenbo is from China. Consist in putting together the right fist with the palm of the left hand. Upon entering the training site, we made a salute that helps us to separate the place and time devoted to practice the style of our other engagements. Whenever we train or leave the tatami, we salute again. When there is an instructor and the class has begun, we ask his permission to enter or leave class. We also use the salute when we ask for clarifications or corrections.

Also, the salute is made to start or stop training  with a partner. It is a way of showing our thanks for letting us use his body to perform the techniques and our respect for their dedication and knowledge.

  • Tying the belt

Before starting the class, perform a small ceremony to tie the belt. After placing ourselves in order of seniority, from right to left and front to back, we kneel, shake off the belt folded in half and we took it to the forehead, mouth and chest. These gestures should help us concentrate our body, mind and spirit in the practice that we are going to perform. We tie the belt, get up and salute, marking the start of training.

  • Punctuality

One way to show respect for the other fellow is to start the class promptly. If the delay is inevitable, it is usual to make some push-ups, after tying the belt.

  • Remove the belt

After finish the class, we do the formation in order of seniority that we make at the start of the training again. We kneel, take off the belt and shake it in front of our heads. We get up and make a health salute. With this small ceremony, we finish the training.

It is customary to shake hands with the instructor and black belts who have attended the class. Thus, black belts thank for the assistance and attention of all who have participated in training.

This final ceremony helps us move from a special state of concentration and silence to our normal state of behavior.

When somebody needs to leave class before it ends, after asking permission, must kneel and take off the belt before leaving the training site.

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