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The belt colours help us to structure teaching of program techniques and grading developments in practice.

The various belts are presented as small challenges that help us to achieve our objectives.
They are offered to us progressively and his achievement can be understood as a small recognition of the efforts made, but mostly as a requirement of utmost seriousness and concentration in practice as well as responsibility for the knowledge and skills that we began to develop.

At no time we should forget the need to help all our classmate. When we show a belt, we accept the obligation to pay special attention during training sessions to those classmates who have a belt that reflect a less practice time than ours.

When we are training and find a person who we don't know what its level is, the colour of his belt can give us an idea of his knowledge and skill level.

  • White Belt:

CIt is special for several reasons. It is the first step in a path that can be much longer and more intensive that we can imagine when we started. It symbolizes the energy and enthusiasm needed to begin an interesting adventure, humility to feel that we need to gain knowledge and wisdom to understand that we have the capacity to achieve them.

  • Colour Belts (Yellow, Orange, Purple, Blue and Green)

The different colors mark a progression in knowledges development.

  • Browns Belts

This belt opens a maturation period of the knowledges acquired at previous           levels. There are three levels: Brown III, Brown II and Brown I, latter being the             pre-black belt.

  • Black Belt

It marks the culmination of a first stage. This rating ensures that it has completed a training that includes basic knowledge of all techniques. In this level, we get an overall idea of different aspects of the style.

We begin to relate principles and fundamentals from different areas in appearance only. We can deepen the sensations we get in our training.

It opens the possibility of improving and refining our skills. It is in this moment when we must be able to maintain the freshness and enthusiasm we had when      we tied the white belt for the fist time. The circle closes and we begin again.

  • Black Belt - 1º to 10º Dan

From black belt, the level of development is measured in degrees called "Dan."

The commitment to practice, education and continuing training, are valued for promotion from one to another level.

The 10th Dan is currently owned by the founder of the style Adriano D. Emperado.


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