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The Origin of kajukenbo

The Hawaiian Islands, located in the center of the Pacific Ocean, have been, over the last two hundred years, the bridge of connection between East and West.

Its inhabitants are the result of a constant mixture of blood. We can find customs of immigrant populations from Polynesia, the Philippines, Japan, Korea, China and from Western communities such as Puerto Rico, United States, Portugal and even Spain.

Each group brought with him, along with the uses and customs natives, his own fighting system: the primitive hawaiian martial art called "Lua" was suddenly surrounded by styles from  Japan, such as "Ju-Jutsu" and "Karate",  Philippines, such as "Kali", "Escrima" or "Arnis"; "Kung Fu" or "Chuan Fa" from China and the "Tang Soo Do" from Corea.

Immediately began an evolutionary process influenced by the peculiar "lifestyle" Hawaiian.

Result of all this, was born their own  way of understanding martial arts: it was called "Kenpo-Karate".



The martial art indigenous to Hawaii is Lua, a system that is based on precise                anatomical knowledge that allowed their practitioners cause dislocation and fracture          of the adversary's members.

For centuries, the teaching of Lua was passed from father to son. Currently there are hardly any schools because the knowledge of many teachers were lost after a period of prohibition.

Perhaps, one of the best representatives of Lua is now the master Kaihewalu Solomon, who has taught many Kajukenbo instructors.


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