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Some members of U.S. armed forces had reached the level of instructors of Kajukenbo. Edward Sheppard, disciple of the also military Richard Peralta, was assigned to the military base in Torrejón de Ardoz, Madrid. Sheppard taught his method in an abandoned barrack hut which served as club to a group of coloured soldiers.

In October of 1973, is accepted the first spanish disciple, Angel García Soldado.

In 1978, Eddy Sheppard is assigned to a military base in New Mexico. Shortly after returning to Unites States, dies in a car accident.

In March of 1978, Angel García takes charge of the first school of Kajukenbo outside the installations of the military base in Alcalá de Henares. From there will come the first spanish instructors of Kajukenbo.

In 1987, Adriano Emperado comes to Spain and visits the different schools of Kajukenbo, which was then concentrated in towns near Madrid. Nowadays, there are instructors of Kajukenbo teaching, besides Madrid, in Barcelona, Valencia, Ciudad Real and Tenerife.

Subsequently to the visit of the system founder, some representatives of the system have given courses and seminars: Vince Black (9ºDan), Joseph Halbuna (9ºDan), Gary Forbach (9ºDan), Allen Abad (9ºDan).

Also have been frequent trips of practitioners and instructors to United States, Germany and United Kingdom to train or to attend meetings with practitioners from other countries.


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