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Our group of Kajukenbo was created in April of 1993, in the gym "Mundo Sport" of San Fernando de Henares. When the gym closed, we have a difficult period in which had trouble to find a place to train in good conditions. We move to Torrejón de Ardoz and try to make us room in sport center "La Vía".

Then we moved to a local in Ciudad Setenta (Coslada) and from there we jump to the gym First Body in San Fernando de Henares. Despite all these changes, the group had consolidated.

Later, we moved to the gym "Dinamic" located in the mall "Uruguay", in Coslada. After two years there, we began to train in gym "Bujutsu", where we stayed until September of 2008, date on which we move to gym "Kan Yu", located in the municipal sport center "El Cerro". In January 2010 itching to train in the gym Bodyland, located in San Fernando de Henares, where we remain today.

In these years of training, we have participated in some competitions, attended several seminars and made some exhibitions.

Moreover, we have received the visit of some instructors that have given us their knowledge of Judo, Aikido and Ed Parker's Kenpo Karate. Also met the american instructors Gary Forbach and Allen Abad, as well as some of their students.

All who have ever been part of the group have helped to give a character itself, which has been consolidated and strengthened over the years.

To all these people we owe a moment of remembrance and gratitude.

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